Set up by the Domestic Abuse Commissioner (DAC), VOICES at the DAC is a virtual platform for victims and survivors of domestic abuse to stay connected to relevant policy, research, and practice development.

VOICES at the DAC aims to give victims and survivors opportunities to share their experience so they can influence change.

VOICES at the DAC will circulate a newsletter with opportunities to share your voice with domestic abuse organisations, universities, and local and national government. It will also include updates on the Commissioner’s work and relevant news from across domestic abuse policy, practice and research.

Please note: VOICES at the DAC is the survivor platform hosted by the Domestic Abuse Commissioner. There are a number of fantastic survivor-led and charitable organisations with whom we share a name – if you are looking for their web pages, please follow the links below.

  • VOICES, a charity in Bath founded by women with lived experience
  • Leeds Domestic Violence Service’s Voices Project
  • Survivors Voices, a survivor-led organisation of experts by experience
  • Young Voices, a forum for young people who have experienced domestic abuse, run by JUNO Women’s Aid
  • National Voices, an organisation for people with lived experience to influence change in health and care

Instantly share your views

A major strand of work for the Commissioner and her team, is focusing on how survivors experience the criminal justice system.

We have a very short online questionnaire which consists of only 3 questions and will take less than 5 minutes.

We want to hear from as many survivors as possible so we can have snapshot of what happens when survivors first ask the police for help. If you didn’t reach out to police for help, please still take the survey – we also want to understand why people don’t call the police. All responses will be completely anonymous – you will not be asked to provide any personal information that could identify you.

We have a webpage outlining our aims and current work within criminal justice system which you can access here.

Frequently asked questions

Previous newsletters & opportunities

Confidentiality statement

Whatever you tell the Domestic Abuse Commissioner or any members of her team, will not be shared with anyone else, except in certain circumstances. The only times we will share what you have told us, are:

  • If you give us specific consent to do so, or
  • If we believe an adult or child is at imminent risk of significant harm, or
  • If a court of law instructs us to, for example if evidence is required for criminal proceedings.

This means on rare occasions, we will not be able to keep your details confidential and we may need to involve statutory agencies. Where possible, we will seek to involve you in this process.

Please note that all survivor engagement opportunities that are promoted through VOICES at the DAC have been checked to ensure basic safeguarding and a sound approach.

However, where the DAC shares opportunities with external agencies, the office cannot hold any responsibility for the delivery of the engagement activity.

If you have any feedback regarding VOICES at the DAC, please get in touch.