I need help

If you or someone you know is at immediate risk, or you feel that you are in danger, please call 999.

If it is not an emergency but you need help from the police, please call 101.

For non-emergencies you can also report a crime online.

Unfortunately, the Domestic Abuse Commissioner is legally prohibited from providing support to individuals or intervening in individual cases. However, if you need help or advice, there are many specialist organisations available to help you, which are listed below. Some are helplines which you can call immediately, and some offer broader domestic abuse support.

Support for women, men, and LGBT+ people experiencing domestic abuse

Please note that opening times for each helpline can be found by clicking on the links.

Domestic abuse support local to you

  • Find your local domestic abuse service
    • Directory of local domestic abuse services. The directory is hosted by Women’s Aid and contains a comprehensive listing of services throughout the UK (includes a services that aren’t Women’s Aid members).
  • Find my local authority
    • If you would like to look for your local domestic abuse service, or want to find out about practical support, such as help with housing, visit the website of your local authority and search ‘domestic abuse’. If you are unsure who your local authority is, you can use the link above to search for it using your postcode.

Support for Black and minoritised, and migrant survivors of domestic abuse

  • Honour-Based Abuse helpline – 0800 5999 247
    • Support for victims of so-called honour-based abuse and forced marriage. Run by Karma Nirvana.
  • 24/7 helpline for Black and minoritised survivors (Wales)0800 7318147
    • Helpline in Wales supporting survivors from Black and Ethnic Minority backgrounds, including FGM, Forced Marriage, Human Trafficking & Prostitution. Run by BAWSO.
  • UK Forced Marriage Unit 020 7008 0151
    • Support for victims and potential victims of forced marriage. Run by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and the Home Office.
  • Southall Black Sisters
    • Organisation supporting Black and minoritised, and migrant women and children experiencing domestic and sexual abuse. Specialist support for survivors with no recourse to public funds. Support available in a range of South Asian and African languages.
  • Latin American Women’s Rights Service
    • Organisation supporting Latin American women, including advice and counselling for women facing gender violence. Support available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Support for/relating to children experiencing domestic abuse

Support for child to adult parent abuse (CAPVA)

  • PEGS
    • PEGS is an organisation supporting parents who are experiencing CAPVA.

Support for deaf and disabled people experiencing domestic abuse

Faith-based domestic abuse support

  • Muslim Women’s Network (MWNUK) helpline – 0800 999 5786 / 0303 999 5786
    • National specialist faith and culturally sensitive helpline for Muslim women who are experiencing any issue.
  • Jewish Women’s Aid
    • Organisation supporting Jewish women affected by domestic and sexual violence.
  • Restored
    • Organisation supporting Christian women experiencing domestic abuse.
  • Sikh Women’s Aid
    • Organisation supporting Sikh women experiencing domestic abuse.

Legal support for people experiencing domestic abuse