Surviving Violence Conference 2023

On 20th April the Commissioner attended the second day of the Surviving Violence Conference at Wadham College, University of Oxford.

The themes of the two-day conference were survival and resilience within the context of domestic abuse. The Commissioner spoke about the importance of a co-ordinated response during the third panel of the day, which focused on Policy and Partnerships. She said: “Bridges need to be built to strengthen the work being done by those working across domestic abuse for the purposes of information sharing; to avoid duplication; for cost efficiency and to have more collective strength in advocating for change.”

The event was well attended with contributions from a range of NGO’s and academics including Pragna Patel, Shazia Choudry, Dr Cathy Mcllwaine and Migrants in Action (MinA) working within this area and from within different parts of the world and the UK. The Commissioner was honoured to contribute to the discussion.