Baroness Newlove appointed Interim Victim’s Commissioner

Today the Ministry of Justice has announced that Baroness Newlove has been appointed as the Interim Victim’s Commissioner.

Domestic Abuse Commissioner, Nicole Jacobs, says: “I am delighted that Baroness Newlove has been appointed the Interim Victim’s Commissioner. I strongly admired the work she was able to achieve during her role as Victim’s Commissioner between 2013 and 2019.

“I was pleased to work with her during the passage of the Domestic Abuse Act where she was instrumental in delivering welcome reforms for victims of domestic abuse, including landmark changes to tackle post-separation coercive control and non-fatal strangulation.

“I look forward to working closely with Baroness Newlove to ensure victims of domestic abuse receive the support and protection they need as a crucial part of her work to tackle violence against women and girls, including through the upcoming Victims and Prisoners Bill.”