Domestic Abuse Commissioner responds to Committee report on the growing use of smart home devices in domestic abuse

Today, the Culture, Media and Sport Committee has published its report Connect tech: smart or sinister, which warns that the use of smart technology and connected devices in facilitating domestic abuse is becoming a growing problem.

The Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England and Wales says: “Perpetrators of domestic abuse will manipulate new technology such as smart home devices to further control, coerce, and abuse. 

“Too often, victims and survivors are expected to keep themselves safe from tech abuse, rather than tech companies taking steps to prevent harm.

“While the government has made good progress on some forms of tech abuse through the Online Safety Bill,  they must ensure tech companies address all the tools that perpetrators use, including smart home devices.

“I also want to see more police training on how perpetrators use these new forms of technology, and investment in specialist domestic abuse services that are focussed on supporting victims of tech abuse.”